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For the last 13 years the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have helped
consolidate the international development agenda that once looked factious as
different countries and development partners tried different approaches. The MDGs could be viewed as the most effective anti-poverty campaign in history, bringing together governments and development partners to achieve a set of indicators that were measurable and ultimately sought to reduce poverty—improving quality of life, especially for the poorest of the poor. Now as the deadline inches closer, assessing progress and identifying remaining gaps
should rightly be the main agenda we address. The countdown to 2015 presents an opportunity for the Government, the UN system and development partners to celebrate success as well as find ways to accelerate progress.This Report draws lessons from Nepal’s nearly one and half decades of experience with MDGs. It goes further and underscores the importance of decentralized governance, community mobilization, and targeted programs to achieve and sustain social targets—while offering solutions to ensure full employment and eliminate hunger in a sustained manner. The Report also delves into opportunities for economic growth and increasing trade to employment and wealth generation.

GoN, UNDP ,   (2013 )
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