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OHCHR Concerned About Rising Tension in Gaur
OHCHR is concerned once again over rising tension in gaur, rautahat district. as both the madheshi People rights forum MPRF and the CPN-Maoists CPN-M prepare for protests and programmers in gaur on Saturday and Sunday respectively, OHCHR wishes to draw the attention of all parties to the need to take all necessary steps to avoid a repetition of the tragic events that led to the killing of27 CPN-M cadres in gaur in march 2007. the leadership of both the MPRF and the CPN-M to ensure that their cadres are not armed, that they will carry out their programmed peacefully and that they will not engage in any activity that could provoke violence. given the risks of violence, protective measures should be taken to ensure that young people under 18 do not participate in the rallies. the District Administration to ensure that adequate preventive measures have been taken to be able to respond to the security challenges that could arise. a pro-active approach from the District administration is necessary in order to ensure an environment in which participants can enjoy their right to freedom of assembly without fear.
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UNOHCHR , (2007)
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