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Impact Assessment of National Integrated Pest Management (NIPM) Program in Nepal
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The Integrated Pest Management program was initiated with the prime objective of training of trainers and conducting farmer field schools which later on extended to be a preliminary process for sustainable management of agricultural and ecological resources in a given locality. The National Integrated Pest Management Phase II in Nepal is a continuation of the earlier phases initiated, which worked towards institutionalization of IPM in Nepal, financially supported by the Norwegian Government and under technical Assistance of FAO. It has been initiated with the strategy to implement participatory IPM program using the Farmer Field School approach and to scale up the national program covering 75 districts of Nepal giving primary focus on rural poor. National IPM program in Nepal in terms of Consolidation, Up-Scaling and Institutionalization Phase II was intensively launched in 12 districts representing three ecological zones (Terai, Mid-hills and Mountains) under five development regions with a goal to contribute to sustainable, broad-based poverty reduction and food security, human health and environmental protection.
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NDRI, FAO ,   (2014 )
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