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Making Energy Markets Work For the Poor
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Making energy markets work for the poor: Large-scale dissemination of biogas plant is one of 17 case studies which, together with a report titled ‘Towards an ‘Energy Plus’ approach for the poor:
A review of good practices and lessons learned from Asia and the Pacific’ and an Action Agenda Note, comprise a review of good practices and lessons learned in energy service delivery to the poor. Commissioned and facilitated by the United Nations Development Programme Asia-Pacific Regional Centre (UNDP APRC), this case study identifies key characteristics that have helped poor households and communities gain access to modern energy services, and to derive valuable lessons for future energy access activities. This case study is the product of an intensive collaborative process and we wish to acknowledge the many contributors, without whose generous support this work would have been impossible.We express special gratitude to the main researchers and writers of the case study, Saroj Rai and Bala Ram Shrestha, whose expertise and knowledge established the basis of this report. UNDP would also like to express its gratitude to the staff of BSP-Nepal for their assistance in collecting and compiling necessary information for the analysis.
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