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This Final Evaluation Report of DFDP would not have been possible without the
support and contributions of a large number of development partners and
We would first like to thank the community members, User’s Group members,
Community based organisation as, LDOs, Program Officers, District Advisors and
DDCs staff in Salyan, Kailali, Rupandehi and Kaski DDCs for all of their support,
involvement in discussions and willingness to work with us even during holiday
times. The people in the communities were especially helpful in answering our many
questions and providing us with the ‘ground truth’ for the programme outcomes and
impact. The team will always remember their honesty, openness and generosity.
UNIRP/UNDP ,   (2003 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
02.04.00  -  Development
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