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Development challenges take different forms in different countries, and so do solutions. In Nepal the mountainous geography and lack of direct access to the sea increase the difficulty of reducing high rates of poverty and inequality. The country has been further hampered by political instability and consequent weak economic growth and low rate of job creation. These have had domino effects on governance, infrastructure and energy production, and public service delivery, including health, education, and human development. Lack of jobs at home also means a high rate of labor migration, with attendant risks of exploitation and trafficking. Development organizations both big and small have been innovating to resolve many of these challenges for decades, and many have created successful models that offer simple solutions to complex problems. But their success may be limited geographically and may go unheard of by other development organizations that could potentially replicate a model and might even have funds to enlarge upon it. And other organizations might have valuable insights into what would work and what wouldn't, or what can be replicated and what can’t be.
#Millennium Development Goals
UNIRP/UNDP ,   (2013 )
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