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Nepal–WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) 2018–2022
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WHO is changing too. It is becoming an Organization that will be more focused on impact, with more accountability, and working with a broader array of partners. That is why this Country Cooperation Strategy for Nepal is both timely and spot on. It outlines WHO’s work for the next five years in the key areas that matter most for Nepal, while being rooted in regional and global priorities(Regional DirectorWHO South-East Asia Region 19 February 2018). The CCS identifies four strategic health areas that are priorities for Nepal. And to be fit-for-purpose in the current context, the CCS focuses on key focus areas and proposes new ways of working: more collaborative, more target- and outcome-oriented, and more transparent and accountable(WHO Representative to Nepal 19 February 2018).
Nepal has made impressive progress in health outcomes relative to its income level. Life expectancy has been steadily increasing and Nepal’s progress in reducing maternal and child deaths has been lauded internationally, even though the maternal mortality remains the highest in the South-East Asia Region. There are notable achievements in reducing prevalence of HIV and TB and Nepal is on track to be malaria-free by 2025. Aggregate improvement in health outcomes, however, mask the large urban–rural, gender, poverty, ethnicity and caste inequities.
Four strategic priorities for WHO collaboration in Nepal 2018–2022:
(1) Advancing universal health coverage in a federalized governance structure.
(2) Effective delivery of priority public health programmes.
(3) Enhance health security and disaster preparedness and response.
(4) Multisectoral engagement and partnerships for improved health outcomes.
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