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Proclamation of the House of Representatives, 2006 (18 May, 2006)
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This House of Representatives hereby proclaims that it has sovereign powers for the exercise of all powers until the formulation of other constitutional arrangement, in order take responsibility to move ahead in the direction of full-fledged democracy and to abolish the autocratic monarchy having institutionalized the achievements of the present people's movement, while safeguarding the achievements of the 1990 people's movements 1990, and as the sovereign authority is exercised through this House of Representatives.

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UNMIN ,   (2006 )
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 UNMIN : Peace and Conflict through Political Mission
01.01.00  -  Political Conditions, Institutions, Movements
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राजनीतिक मामिलासम्बन्धी संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघका उपमहासचिव वि. लिन पास्कोको प्रेस मन्तव्य​ (७ अक्टोबर २०१०)
प्रेस वक्तव्य: ईयान मार्टीन राष्ट्रसंघीय महासचिवका बिशेष प्रतिनिधि (३२ असार २०६४)
Interaction on Issues of Youth in the New Constitution
नेपालका लागि महासचिवका प्रतिनिधि करिन लनग्रेनले पत्रकार सम्मेलनमा दिनुभ​एको वक्तव्य (३१ जुलाई २००९)
Press Briefing of the Representative of the Secretary-General in Nepal, Ms.Karin Landgren, Delivered at the Press Conference (31 July 2009)
UNMIN Newsletter: Fact Sheet 7 (Children and Politics)
Karin Landgren Representative Of The Secretary-General In Nepal UN Day (23 October 2009)
संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघ दिवसको अवसरमा नेपालका लागि महासचिवका प्रतिनिधि क​रिन लनग्रेनको मन्तव्य (२३ अक्टोबर २००९)
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Opening Remarks by Richard Bennett, Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, at a Workshop on Ensuring Better Protection of Economic, Social, Cultural and Women's Rights in the New Constitution,
भावि संविधानमा नगरिक सरोकार​ (संविधानसभाका विषयगत समितिका प्रतिव्यदनहरुका आधारमा तयार पारिएको)
संवैधानिक सवालहरूमा जानकारीमूलक सामग्री (शृङ्खला दुइ) सामाजिक समावेशीकरण
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