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[Source URL]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPGgXWbNnyo&t=61s
[Abstract]- Every year, thousands of young women from Nepal leave their country to work abroad. But many who make the decision don't have the basic skills needed for their new jobs overseas. And very few know how they may be at risk for abuse and exploitation. The ILO-DFID "Work in Freedom" program offers vocational and skills training for Nepalese women, helping them to make a more informed choice about working abroad
[Video Quality]- 480p
[Video Location]- Nepal
[Content Rating]- G
[Duration]- 3:13
0:12-House badly damaged by the 2015 earthquake
0:20-Spend 7 years abroad as a migrant worker
0:28-Before situation wasn't good
0:37-Would able to make money if we go to aboard
0:48-Did domestic work in Saudi Arabia for 2 years and 2 years in Omen
0:54-Paid less than promised
1:00-Migrated as domestic in Iraq for 3 years
2:07-Trained to raise awareness about working abroad
2:27-Able to make social economic analysis
2:46-Earning more income at home at Nepal
3:03-ILO given new understanding
ILO ,   (2017 )
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 ILO : International Labor & Labor
12.02.00  -  Skills Development
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