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Job offer Short film Net 4 Good [Youtube]

[Source URL]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPmBxoATG5Y

[Abstract] - Everything you read or see on the internet is not always true, so please don’t trust it easily.
When things go wrong online, don't keep it to yourself. Always consult with a trusted adult, call child helpline 1098 or visit the nearest police station.

[Video Quality] - 480p
[Video Location] - Nepal
[Content Rating] - [G]
[Duration] - 7:26
0:15 - I can't keep giving you money. I'm not getting a lot of work
1:55 - ever heard of Portugal it's one of the most accessible place in Europe
2:44 - Mother what are you doing? Do you need some help?
3:25 - I don't care about anything but if you don't give me the money, i will leave
3:45 - Okay, you can prepare for Europe start packing now
5:00 - Oh, That brother rarely comes here, I haven't seen him recently
6:10 - I told you back to not listen to strangers that they might scam you
7:00 - Don't worry about it. well go to the police

#Net #Work #Money #Youtube #UNICEF #Naziya #2018
UNICEF ,   (2018 )
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Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
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 UNICEF : Children Fund
12.00.0A  -  Employment
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