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Run for women's empowerment- Youtube

Abstraction: 8th Kathmandu Marathon 20th Sept. 2014 Run for women's empowerment
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Duration: 0.00 - 3.00 min
Location: Kathmandu
Time and Topic Scene
0.24 sec: Sarmila Timilsina (Participant) says this is the first time I have ever ran in marathon, but I have watched several such programmes. And I did have interest and always wish to take part in marathon.
0.44 sec: Bindu Badal (Participant) says this is my first experience, though I always go for morning walk, this is a different experience. The morning walk is for our health but running together with many people also gave us opportunity to make new friends.
1.07 min: This marathon is giving priority to the women, many women in our country suppressed and ill-treated though it is said, women and men are two wheels of one carts but it hasn't been implemented in pratice.
1.23 min: Sarmila Timilsina says,this marathon is for others, to take forwards to those left behinds so I am very happy to participate in this marathon.
1.50 min: Bindu Badal says, I am educated but there are many sisters living in different places of our Country who are deprived of education, they are busy on their household works. I have come here to support those women to make them aware.
2.39 min: Bindu Badal says, I am very happy to take part in this marathon though I couldn't win, I got opportunity to learn so many things, we ourselves are afraid in many places thinking men are superior but what I learn is we shouldn't feel that we are weak,if we go forward we can take others too.

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UNDP, Nepal ,   (2014 )
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Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
14.02.01  -  Discrimination
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