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Just a few cents per child invested could go a long way to ensuring lasting peace.
"We need peace. Imagine how happy we would have been without a war"

URL - https://youtu.be/bVVQykH5YzQ
Duration - 04:49 min
Location - Rural Nepal (war-hit-area)
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Timeline -
00:33 - A decade long conflict in Nepal killed over 13000 people and left the country yearning for lasting peace
00:47 - "One of our school teacher was killed in the conflict, that is why our school remained closed for a long time, and that affected our studies very much" - Subita, 13
01:18 - After the war, Nepal is still in its transitional phase, in these post conflict times, tensions could flare up again unless next generations grows up practicing peace in their everyday lives
01:36 - Nepal is introducing lessons on peace, nonviolence tolerance and conflict resolution in its school curriculum
01:47 - UNRCPD is working with the GON on this peace building initiative, GON has already embraced the concept of education for peace and disarmament subject and UNRCPD provides them with technical expertise they need to deliver it.
02:50 - In filling these gaps means bringing tested techniques and methods to the teachers and through them to the students, with interactive session such as drama, group games and activities, mediation excercise
03:47 - these initial phase just cost 22 cents per child which is not just low cost but sustainable as it works through existing structure.
03:55 - These models can also be used in other post-conflict areas and countries
04:00 - A small investment is enough to ensure the whole generation of Nepal to learn about peace and its importance

UNRCPD ,   (2013 )
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Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
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 UNRCPD : Peace and Disarmament
01.00.0A  -  Political And Legal Questions
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