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Air Quality in Nepal - Ram Singh Yadav, State Minister of Health, Nepal [YouTube]

Air Quality in Nepal - Interview with Ram Singh Yadav, State Minister of Health, Nepal.This interview was recorded during the Seventieth Session of the Regional Committee, 6-10 September 2017, Maldives.

URL: https://youtu.be/IB7HvWQCNo0
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Location: Maldives
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00:30 - Interviewee asks about how the government is working on improving the quality of air in Nepal.
00:55 - Mr. Yadav answers, There are two types of air pollution: household air pollution due to use of natural wood to cook food inside the house specially in rural areas, and in the urban areas, air pollution due to recent road construction and vehicles.
02:20 - These problems have been causing a lot of problem in the respiratory health of the people
03:25 - Government of Nepal have been working with the National and international level organisations to work on improving the air quality for the people of Nepal
WHO SEARO ,   (2017 )
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