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Local Governance and Community Development Programme - Second Trimester Progress Report
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The Local Governance and Community Development (LGCDP) is a national programme with an over-aching goal to contribute towards poverty reduction through inclusive responsive and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development. The Ministry of Local Development is an executing agency for LGCDP with technical and financial assistance from various development partners. This is a national programme framework for achieving improvements in the system of local governance and community development.In the second trimester (16 November 2009- 15 March 2010) activities such as preparation of guidelines and operation manuals, formulation of strategies and policies, assessment and review of system, design of training modules and orientation on different aspects of LGCDP were carried out. Other activities that were carried out during the reference period include establishment of National Committee of LGAF, implementation of sector conditional grant system, formulation of capacity development plan of local bodies, selection and prioritization of community infrastructure projects.
MOLD-UNDP ,   (2010 )
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02.05.00  -  Public Administration
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