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NO PLACE LIKE HOME Discovering entrepreneurship in Khimti, Ramechhap [Youtube]

[Source URL]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgVcmz-Bq90
[Abstract]- Micro-entrepreneurs of Ramechhap who were involved in Fish farming and Pig Breeding got severely affected by the April 25 Earthquake. In June 2015, UNDP implemented the Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project (RELRP). RELRP provided psycho-social counselling training to all the micro entrepreneurs. UNDP's recovery support has enabled micro entrepreneurs in Nepal's Ramechhap rise from the rubble left behind by the devastating earthquakes of 2015.
[Video Quality]-1080p
[Video Location]- Khimti, Ramechhap
[Content Rating]- PG
0:22- Introduction of Purna Bahadur Majhi
0:28- Went to Saudi Arabia in 2004
0:37- Realization that he could make his home country more productive by returning back
1:06- Purna Bahadur decided to start fish farming
1:45- Purna Bahadur started Fish Farming with 7 friends
2:33- Mother's group involved in Raising and Breeding pigs
2:47- Purna proposed the MEDEP team to build them proper pigsties
2:55- April 25 Earthquake occurred when Purna Bahadur and his team were building the pigsties
3:30- Two days psycho social counselling training from RELRP
3:40- Reconstruction help from RELRP
4:16- MEDEP provided all the pigs before the earthquake
4:22- Piglets also provided by RELRP
5:19- Fish pond was damaged after the disaster
5:27- RELRP provided help to revive Purna's enterprise
UNDP ,   (2017 )
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Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
04.03.00  -  Livestock
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