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Nepal to focus on people centered services for TB elimination and put more resources to End TB [YouTube]

Mr Tara Man Gurung, State Minister for Health, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
The interview took place in Delhi at the Ministerial Meeting Towards Ending TB in South-East Asia.

URL: https://youtu.be/HfG9BJOURv8
Duration: 00:00 - 02:06
Location: Delhi, (Ministerial meeting)
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Video Quality: 240p
Audio Quality: Medium (Nepali to English translation)

00:15 - Nepal has already developed 'End TB' strategy internally
00:45 - Rural areas will be focused more truing to identify and eliminate the cases
01:00 - GON will put best effort to treat and eliminate TB
01:07 - Recently Nepal has developed a health sector strategy of 5 yrs, emphasis on the infectious disease, esp. TB
01:55 - Needs modern and technical resources for the better and efficient outcome

#Tuberculosis #TB
WHO SEARO ,   (2017 )
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