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Abstraction:Reproductive health services, including family planning, are crucial for women and girls in humanitarian crises like the Nepal earthquake. This video features voices of a woman from Sindhuli district of Nepal affected by the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015 to justify the importance of family planning in humanitarian crisis. It is about how disasters prevent the needy women(like Tanka Kumari of Nepal) and girls from accessing to proper reproductive health and family planning services.Following the earthquake, many women and girls in Nepal were forced to discontinue the use of contraceptives. Such situation has a long-term impact on women’s health.Because family planning is a significant investment to promote human capital development, combat poverty and harness a demographic dividend, we must energize the momentum around the critical need for family planning commitments to be made, renewed and delivered.

Duration: 0:00 to 5.02 min

Location: Sindhuli

Time and Topic scene
0.27 sec :Tank Kumari Bishankhe and her husband Setu live with their three children in Sitalpati of Shindhuli district,their live is very hard.
0.42 sec :This couple struggles to make ends meet.Their concern is to earning enough to feed and clothe their children.
0.57 sec : The youngest attend school but the eldest one stays home to help to his parents.
1.05 sec :Tanka Kuamari used to walk one and half hours to the nearest health serviesto get an injectable contraceptive.
1.18 sec :TAnka Kumari herself grew up in a family of 13 children but only 4 of them survived to adulthood.
1.28 sec :She got married at the age of 15.After 3 children,they decided not to have more.
1.38 sec :After the earthquake stuck Nepal on April 25,2015.Their home was badly damaged.
1.57 sec :Due t the earthquake,she could't visit the health center.
2.08 sec :Unable to get contraceptive shot on time,she became pregnant.
2.23 sec :Humanitarian crises like the Nepal earthquake pose a challenges for a family.In the time of crises if women and girls can't access the family planing unwanted pregnancy and unsafe delivery can increases.
2.58 sec :Tanka Kumari's story reminds that women's reproductive health needs don't disappear in the crises.
3.11 sec :After having a 4 children,now she is having a family planning service.
3.27 sec :The Ministry of Health conducted reproductive health camps in the earthquake affected districts.
3.42 sec :Family panning means enabling women and girls exercise the rights to sexual and reproductive health and choice.
3.57 sec :Women and girls who choose family planning are healthier and face low risk of maternal death.
4.08 sec :Access to family planing is the fundamental reproductive health rights.
4.12 sec :Its also contributes in economy because investing in family planning gives a three-fold in return.
4.20 sec :Tanka Kumari says I will work hard to educate my children,son and daughter are equal to me.

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UNFPA,Nepal ,   (2016 )
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Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
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 UNFPA : Population studies
08.02.00  -  Family Planning
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