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Early Marriage in Nepal web series second episode [YouTube]


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0.5 sec :Rakesh and Payal run away from the home.
0.55 sec : Payal is afraid of her parents.
1.17 sec :Rakesh says Payal that don't be afraid,it's a matter of few days and after that everything will be right.
1.58 sec :Two friends(Rima and Sima) are talking about Rakesh and Payal.
2.08 sec :Rima is excited about where did Rakesh and Payal went? what did they do?
2.25 sec :Rima is highly influenced by movies and Rima too wants to elope,she was dreaming about small house,only two person,singing and dancing.
2.16 sec :Sima scolded Rima by saying that,this is not our age to get married,it's the age where we should study hard and be independent.
2.51 sec :When Rima father is ready to went Shekher's house for the treatment of his goat,Sima arrived at Rima's house.
3.13 sec :Sima ask Rima about hher relationship with Milan.
3.20 sec :Rima accept her relationship with Milan. Rima also says that Milan does not belongs to her caste and they are afraid to loose each other that's why they are planning to run away from their house.
5.30 sec :Sima says that I am your friend that's why I will always support you but this is not your age to get married,first of all you both study hard,be independent and get married.
6.04 sec : Rima says that I won't marry anyone other than Milan but only issue is that we don't belong to same caste.At the mean time Rima father listen all their talks.
6.11 sec :Sima helps Rima to make her understand about early marriage,pregnancy and the adverse effect of pregnancy in small age. Sima show her the news of their friend Payal who lost her life for not being able to give birth to a child because of her small age.
7.00 sec :After that news Rima is aware about child marriage and all.She also told Sima to convince her dad about her relationship with Milan.
7.10 sec : Rima father came and says that no one has to convince me,read well,be independent and capable,after that I will marry whoever you want to.He also says that my daughter's happiness is greater than someone else caste.
7.29 sec :Rima apologize to her father.
Abstraction :The video is the second episode of our web series on early marriage produced on the occasion of International Day of the Girl Child (October 11, 2017) to highlight the issues concerning gender inequality facing young girls in Nepal.
UNFPA ,   (2017 )
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 UNFPA : Population studies
08.02.00  -  Family Planning
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