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A vast body of literature shows that the future of children is greatly influenced by the level of knowledge, attitude and practice of parents or other caregivers in relation to diverse child development issues. Recognizing the need for parental education (PE) packages in Nepal, several organizations have developed and delivered PE packages in their programme areas (Acharya, 2006). For example, UNICEF, Innovative Forum for Community Development, Save the Children–US, Seto Gurans and Plan–Nepal have been involved in it (Acharya, 2006). After the initiation of the National Early Child Development (ECD) Strategy 2004–2015, the Department of Education (DoE) also developed a PE package, in collaboration with agencies working in the ECD sector.
Recently, in collaboration with, and based on the DoE’s PE package and review of various PE packages available, UNICEF–Nepal, in partnership with the Seto Gurans National Child Development Services, has developed an illustrated package for PE programme, which aims to promote childcare responsibilities and improve the knowledge, attitude and practice of caregivers (of children aged 0–5 years) for child development.
The theory of change underlying the implementation of the PE package was that, if the contents and time of delivery of the PE package were appropriate and of their choices, the attendance of caregivers or parents would be high, and this would positively influence their knowledge, attitude, skills and behavior towards child development. It was expected that PE would help increase the physical, mental, emotional, social and language development of children and reduce maternal mortality, child mortality, infectious diseases, malnutrition and even accidents in the long run.

UNICEF ,   (2017 )
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