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Joint statement by international development partners in Nepal on the occasion of the International Day of Anti-Corruption
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Nepal has made significant strides towards aligning its agenda to international corruption-reduction standards such as signing the Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) in 2003, which was ratified in 2011. Nepal has since undergone its first review of the Convention’s chapters on criminalization, law
enforcement, and international cooperation. We look forward to engaging with the Government of Nepal as well as with the civil society and other relevant stakeholders for addressing the gaps highlighted by the review.

International Development Partners working in Nepal will continue supporting the Government, the private sector and civil society to collectively promote integrity, transparency and accountability in governance.

Agencies behind this statement:
The UN Country Team in Nepal, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Germany, EU Delegation in Nepal, Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of the UK and DFID, JICA Nepal Office, Asian Development Bank Nepal, Embassy of Finland, World Bank, Honorary Consul for The Netherlands,Koica Nepal Office.

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