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UN Newsletter - Vol. 61 (Oct - Nov 2016)
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UN Newsletter is the 61th volume of UN Newsletter Nepal, October-Novemeber 2016.
- UN takes SDGs Roadshow in Nepalgunj
- Sustainable Development Goals and the role of Human Rights Defenders
- The Power of Running (RCO)
- Nepal Celebrates IOM 65th Anniversary
- UNHCR Supports Nepal University Students to Compete for 2017 Hult Prize:
realizing Refugee Potential
- Reaching new hights in Nepal: Climate Action in Imja Glacier
- New Dawn
- WFP’s Humanitarian Stating Area allows timely response to Disaster
- Exploring new practices for Promoting Girl’s Education in Kapilvastu
- ‘Under the tent’ launched as part of UNICEF’s 70th anniversary in Nepal
- Sanitation Campaign Pick up Speed
- Minister of State Ms. Tamang inaugurates the IPM Produce Market Outlet
- International Migrants Day 18th December—Towards safe migration and decent
work for women in Nepal
- Applying STDM in pro-poor, gender responsive land governance in Nepal
- Priests, astrologers and shamans take on child marriage in Far-Western Nepal
- Successful Completion of Heritage Inventory at Hanumandhoka

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