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Breakdown of catalytic funding by priority area (US$ and % of budget)
Key results/achievements

1. A CRVS assessment was completed, and is serving as the basis for the development
of a strategic plan.
2. The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) will implement a cause-of-death
surveillance system and an electronic cause-of-death integrated reporting system
3. Standard certificates of birth and death have been developed for implementation
this year.
4. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development and the MoHP will strengthen
5. A central level steering and technical working group was formed and meets regularly
to discuss CRVS issues.
6. District and local level committees were formed and will be activated in this year.
7. The MoHP allocated NPR 9 million to mobilize health volunteers, health workers and
health facilities for community recording/reporting of births and deaths.
WHO ,   (2014 )
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