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A vast body of analytical and empirical research undertaken by UNCTAD and others clearly
demonstrates that a thriving services sector is vital for all countries [1]. High rates of investment and economic growth associated with services can contribute to poverty alleviation and human development when the right policies are in place to overcome supply
constraints and ensure economy-wide development gains from services and services trade. New domestic services supply and services export opportunities for developing countries therefore need to be supported and facilitated by national policies and multilateral agreements relating to services trade, with an emphasis on creating an enabling environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which account for the bulk of developing country firms in the services sectors.
The recent expansion of global trade in services has provided broad economic gains to a relatively small set of developing countries that have developed modern, high value-added services-oriented economies over the past decade. By virtue of an early mover advantage, these countries are now well positioned to benefit from growth in the key services sectors
they have developed, as distant service providers in global outsourcing markets, and as emerging services hubs in regional markets.
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