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Industrial Development Perspective Plan:Vision 2020
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The approach is to a large extent an academic one, as the report draws from a massive set of statistics, qualitative data and existing studies that it tries to compile and analyse in a rigorous, holistic manner. A separate document extracts from this main report the action-oriented conclusions, which it lays out in the concise format of a white paper on public action for manufacturing progress in Nepal. Indeed, an Industrial Development Perspective Plan—or any plan for that matter— is primarily a Government affair; however, the Strategy Paper strongly recommends the pro-active engagement of all stakeholders to join forces in the implementation of the strategy towards a shared vision of Nepal 2020. The economic challenge for Nepal is to fight its way out of stagnation and move towards long-term sustainable development. Industrial development will have to be one of its cornerstones. Thus, this document provides a comprehensive set of recommendations for,industrial development in Nepal during the course of the first two decades of the 21st century,supporting the strategies developed in the 9th five-year plan and refined in the Concept Paper of the 10th Five-Year Plan, emphasizing four core issues: poverty alleviation, regional balance, gender equality and environmental health. Poverty is most prevalent in rural areas while long-term economic development depends on more formal urban-based industrialization, through sustained increases in productivity. Regional balance cannot be achieved by forcing industries to locate in remote areas. Together, these facts will lead to the general recommendation to follow a two-pronged strategy aiming at the same time at rural, agro-based industrialization as well as more formal urban-based industrial development.
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GoN, UNDP,UNIDO ,   (2002 )
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05.01.01  -  Industrial Development Support Services
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