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Regional Workshop Towards A Strategic Approach To Communication Against HPEDs Including HPAI In The SAARC Region
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The regional communication workshop was organized in Kathmandu in 2-3 August 2012 in which seventeen officials participated who were nominated by member states. In the two-day workshop, all the participants jointly recommended action points on communication and advocacy measures to be taken for the region to combat threats arising from HPEDs including HPAI.

The workshop was titled as “Towards a Strategic Approach to Communication against HPEDs including HPAI in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region” which was first such platform to bring together practitioners to think and deliberate on regional communication and advocacy on HPEDs, including HPAI in the region. Also, the regional workshop was a step towards filling some of the important gaps in HPED communication and advocacy strategy and implementation in the SAARC region by bringing together officials from animal health, human health, wildlife and communication professionals together. The workshop consisted of gallery walk, interactive group work and presentations on the overarching issues of communication and advocacy on HPED issues.

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