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Five things to know about the secratory general of the inited nation Antonio Guterres
i)He took the office as 9th secretary general on january 1 succeeding Ban ki-moon
ii)Served as Portugal's Prime minister from 1992-2002
iii)Served as UN High commissioner for Refugee from 2005-2015
iv)Fluent in Portugal,English,Spanish and french
v)He says gender equality is the top priority and appointed Ms.Amina Mohammad as UN Deputy Secratory General

In 2016, the Security Council held 256 meetings, adopted 77 resolutions and issued 19
presidential statements. It considered 48 agenda items, including 1 new agenda item relating to Colombia. The Council dispatched 5 missions to the field, all of them to Africa. The Council further established 1 political mission, the United Nations Mission in Colombia, and terminated 3 subsidiary bodies, namely the 1521 Committee concerning Liberia (including its Panel of Experts), the 1572 Committee concerning Côte d'Ivoire (including its Group of Experts) and the 1737 Committee concerning the Iranian nuclear issue (including its Panel of Experts). In addition, in 2016, the Council issued 1140 documents, the highest number of documents issued by the Council since 2012.

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