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Way Out Of Informality:Facilitating Formalization Of Informal Economy In Nepal (WOI)
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The project aims at facilitating formalization of informal businesses and employment relationships and discourage informalization of formal economy firms and jobs in Nepal and in South Asia.Large decent work deficits in the rapidly growing informal economy are a major challenge in Nepal.

Nepal stand at 37th globally and second most informal economy in South Asia (World Bank 2012). The informal economy contributes 38.4% to the GDP of the country. There is high percent of informality in various sectors (agriculture –99% , unpaid employment: 83.1 % ). This presents a significant obstacle to the goal of realising decent work for all. Formalisation is a gradual process cutting across several; policy areas and embedded within the Decent Work for All commitment.

ILO ,   (2016 )
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