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Ending Impunity for Child Marriage in Nepal
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Child marriage, though a criminal offense, has been practiced for generations
in Nepal. Globally, Nepal has one of the highest rates of child marriage: 37%
of Nepali women ages 20-24 years were first married by age 18, and 10% were
married by age 15. According to Nepal’s 2011 national census, of the married
women who were surveyed, approximately 75% were married before their 20th
birthday, and over 100,000 girls were given away in marriage before the age
of 10.

The prevalence of child marriage in Nepal varies by sex, with far more
women being married as children than men, and by geographic location, with
a significantly higher prevalence in rural areas. Additional variations are found based on region, education levels, household wealth, and caste and ethnicity.

UNFPA ,   (2016 )
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