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Nepal Community Feedback Report Issue: Food Security and Livelihood
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In May 2016, the Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project collected feedback from communities (2100 respondents)across 14 earthquake affected districts on food security and livelihood related issues.
Livelihood recovery has been a subject of increased focus,as the earthquake response has shifted,over the past several months,into the longer term recover phase. The importance of livelihood recovery to earthquake affected people has been consistently raised through qualitative feedback measures, including partners feedback mechanisms. Main livelihood related concerns cited by respondents included problems like lack of skills and shortage of work opportunities. Disadvantaged groups were more likely to have concerns related to their livelihood. lack of preparedness for upcoming monsoon season and primary reason which act as barrier for preparedness was basically unsafe shelter and equally lack of financial resources which is closely related to delays in housing reconstruction.
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CFP/UNRCO ,   (2016 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNRCHCO (UNRCO) : UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator Office (UN Resident Coordinator Office)
13.02.00  -  Disaster Prevention, Preparedness And Relief
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