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Identification Guide to Common Sharks and Rays of the Caribbean
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This guide includes a selection of shark and ray species occurring in the Wider Caribbean Region, that is the waters of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean adjacent thereto. In total, 41 shark and 20 ray species selected as being most relevant to commercial fisheries or vulnerable to exploitation due to their life history characteristics, are included. Of these, 29 shark and 9 ray species are presented in a full species card and depicted with a colour illustration and photo. Additionally, short accounts of 12 shark and 11 ray species that are less common in the region and could be misidentified with more common species, are also included. These are depicted with a black and white illustration and key distinguishing features are highlighted allowing for easy and accurate identification in the field. This guide is intended to help fishery workers collecting catch data in the field in the identification of the sharks and rays they might encounter for the specific purpose of improving the quality of catch and landings data.

FAO ,   (2016 )
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