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Rural-Urban Partnership Programme (NEP/96/003) is a joint programme of His
Majesty's Government of Nepal and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/
United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS). The Programme has initiated its activities since September 1997. Since its inception, the Programme has recognised for its purpose three broad market regions such as Biratnagar Market Region, Bharatpur Market Region and Nepalganj Market Region. Likewise, three regional nodal entres,viz.Biratnagar, Bharatpur and Nepalganj have also been identified for each of the three market regions respectively. The demarcation of hinterland area for each of the market regions has also been made by three regional market linkage studies carried out for the Programme. Within each market region, three tiers of centres, viz. urban centre (or Municipal town) market centre and rural village have been recognized. The Programme has now required the delineation of hinterland areas of the selected market towns, so-called 'Market Zone.'

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RUPP/UNDP ,   (1998 )
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