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Nepal Earthquake | Magnitude 7.8 (April 2015)- Version 0, 26 April 2015
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Resilience: Households in the rural areas - especially in hills and mountains - are among the least resilient, due to high poverty rates, and limited access to roads and markets. Urban areas are more resilient given higher connectivity and market access. Rehabilitation of critical infrastructure will be a priority in order to restore normalcy. Food accounts for over 65% of household expenditures, for over half of rural households. This makes them particularly vulnerable to price increases.
Social protection (most relevant): The government’s Poverty Alleviation Fund safety net targets the poorest households,through rural community infrastructure and income generation projects. The Agriculture Disaster Relief Programme, also government led, provides assistance through seeds and fertilizer support for disaster affected farmers. Some livestock insurance schemes are also active. Other programmes include school meals, pensions, and widow and disability allowances.
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