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The Constitution of Nepal was promulgated on September 20, 2015 after a long transitional period from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), 2006 through to the 1st (2008) and 2nd (2013) elections of Constituent Assembly (CA). The transitional period as well as the period immediately after the promulgation of the Constitution witnessed a volatile Nepal with strikes and bandhs imposed due to disputes over constitutional issues. In this context, as Nepal moves ahead to consolidate peace and development gains, building on the accomplished peace milestones, like the integration of the former combatants and clearing known minefields, promulgation of the Constitution, the task of violence prevention and strengthening community security in a selection of districts, identified as “hotspots” demands due attention. Given this trend of violence and unresolved political contentions, vigilance with regards to the prospects of violence escalation is required. This calls for an increased support to the Government of Nepal in making a measurable reduction in the risks and incidence of armed violence in Nepal.
GoN,AVRSCS/ UNDP ,   (2016 )
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01.03.00  -  Maintenance Of Peace And Security
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