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Gender Sensitizing Training - in Nawalparasi, Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Parbat and Dhanusha Districts
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The Mico-Enterprise Development Program (MEDEP) and Mountain Spirit (MS) had worked together in PRA training for MEDEP staffs. MS had conducted this coarse in 1999 for MEDEP’s staff and partner organizations using participatory approaches in seven districts namely Nuwakot, Parbat, Nawalparasi, Terathum, Baitadi, Sunsari and Dhanusha. During the implementation of programs, MEDEP's staff and partners felt a need for gender sensitization training to apply their learning at the grass roots level entrepreneur groups effectively. So MEDEP and MS had an agreement to conduct a gender sensitization training using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) in five districts; Nawalparasi, Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Parbat and Dhanusha. Upon completion of the training, this report has been developed which will be helpful to understand the views of staff, partners and community on gender context and provide guidelines to conduct training of the same kind in the rest of the districts by themselves, either institutionally or individually.
MEDEP/UNDP ,   (2002 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
14.02.01  -  Discrimination
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