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Chapter 7: Scaling-Up Innovation For Greater Development Impact
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UNDP in Asia-Pacific has worked to build on the existing body of good scaling-up practices and expand the capacity of Country Offices to adopt a scaling-up approach as a matter of course in all programming. In the region in 2013, UNDP awarded US$9.3 million to 14 initiatives to support these efforts to scale up innovative interventions. Three main models focus on (1) expansion, scaling up from one locality and expanding to multiple localities reaching new target groups adapting along the way, often through the use of innovative technologies, training and mentoring, and with an emphasis on vulnerable populations (Case Study 7); (2) policy adoption, based on successful pilots or experiences to ensure institutional and policy-level changes (Case Study 2); and (3) replication when other organisations take up the idea, increasing its use, particularly through South- South cooperation and the forging of connections across borders (Case Study 8).
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