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Digital Financial Services in Nepal - Understanding the Hurdles to Scale Agent Banking in Nepal
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Customer perspective is an important factor often overlooked when formal financial institutions plan the delivery of financial services, especially through the agent banking channel. It is important to note that the customer we are talking about here is mainly meeting his/her financial service needs through semi-formal or informal channels. The products/services offered by these informal institutions have easy acceptance by the customer because of a clear value proposition, lack of a cumbersome process(e.g., sometimes with doorstep delivery) and the customer’s familiarity with these institutional mechanisms through similar community mechanisms (e.g., cooperatives ,Dhukti). These elements become a concern since institutions find it difficult to focus on and dedicate resources to strengthening processes, building proper systems for staff/agent recruitment and training, client awareness, etc. Management of digital financial services can be divided into two broad levels:the client level and the institution level.
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MM4P/UNCDF ,   (2015 )
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