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Project Information Sheet: Empowering Women For Women (W4W): Access To Land For Sustainable Peace In Nepal
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This project “Empowering Women 4 Women (W4W): Access to Land for Sustainable Peace in
Nepal” is built upon the main findings and gaps identified by the Catalytic Support on Land Issues, a joint project of IOM, UNDP and UN Habitat (2013- 2015). It includes women that were almost absent and/ or not able to make their voices heard in the land reform discussions process. It aims to support processes associated or linked with land reform in Nepal by enabling women to play an active role as agents of change.
Like in many countries, Nepal also faces significant challenges in regards to equal access to land and security of tenure for women. According to the High Level Scientific Land Reform Commission report, women are responsible for almost 61% of agricultural production, yet only around 20% of women own around 5% of land throughout Nepal, and only around 11% have effective control over their property.

UNHABITAT, UNDP, IOM ,   (2015 )
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14.01.00  -  Advancement Of Women
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