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Nepal Improved Seeds For Farmers Programme - Supervision Report
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The Improved Seeds for Farmers Programme (ISFP) was approved by the IFAD Executive Board on 15 September 2012 for a Loan and a Grant of USD 19.5 million equivalent both. The total programme cost is 59.7 million, with Heifer International’s financing of USD2.5 million, counterpart funding of government matching funds of USD 7.3 million, and beneficiary contributions equivalent to USD 10.9 million. The Financing Agreement was signed and became effective on 02 Dec. 2012. An official start-up was held in Kathmandu on 20 March 2013. The Programme’s completion date is 31 Dec. 2019, and the financing closing date 30 June 2020.
IFAD ,   (2014 )
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Progress Report in English
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 IFAD : International Fund for Agricultural Development
04.02.01  -  Crop Management
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