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Multi-storied Agroforestry Cropping Systems For Micro-Climatic Modification And Erosion Control In Nepal
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Natural hazards such as floods, landslides and drought occur frequently in different parts of Nepal with varying dimensions and magnitude. These hazards constitute the major causes of land degradation and deterioration of natural ecosystems. The introduction of multi-storied agro-forestry cropping system ensures use of the best combination of crop-tree intercropping to reduce the impacts of floods, landslides and droughts. In addition, multi-storied agro-forestry systems ensure a more evenly distribution of income and employment throughout the year from harvesting different tree crops in different seasons. This variety of agro-forestry is characterized by the micro-climatic conditions created by the taller trees that benefit. crops underneath.
TECA/FAO ,   (2016 )
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