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1. Within the context of DDR, reintegration is the process through which ex-combatants and their dependants return and (re)integrate into civilian life. Sustainable reintegration is achieved when the political, legal, economic and social conditions needed for the ex- combatants to maintain life, livelihood and dignity have been secured.
2. he reintegration process represents a particularly complex part of the DDR ... the goal of ensuring that warring factions can once more join civil society may require not only direct assistance to demobilized combatants, but also broader support to the country’s effort to adapt the social and economic environment so that it can reabsorb them ... If a reintegration process is to succeed, it is essential that it draw upon local input, and that it support a broader national strategic plan for reconciliation, reconstruction and development.
3. Key design issues: reintegration:Determine absorption capacities of markets and communities; Ensure sustainability of reintegration schemes; Link reintegration with broader economic recovery and development processes; Adapt reintegration schemes to different contexts and beneficiary group profiles; Pay attention to groups with special needs (women and children associated with armed groups, youth, people with disabilities, etc.); Sensitize and involve communities in reintegration; Develop eligibility criteria Have a M&E plan, Must have an exit strategy.
UNDP ,   (2006 )
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