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The project “Prevention of transmission of HIV among drug users in SAARC countries” (Project RAS/H13) is executed by UNODC as part of a joint UN initiative between UNODC, UNAIDS, and WHO in South Asia. The overall goal of this project is to reduce the spread of HIV among drug using populations in SAARC countries. In doing so, the project assists governments and communities to scale-up comprehensive prevention and care programs for drug users, especially injecting drug users (IDUs), and their regular sex partners. Under its current phase (Phase II), the project is designed to demonstrate the effects of comprehensive harm reduction interventions which were initiated in Phase I and place the evidence for consideration by national governments to scale up programmes for significant coverage with quality services. The project is presently working in seven countries (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) and has four key components:
1) Advocacy to support change in policy and practice
2) Demonstrate the effectiveness of comprehensive risk reduction approaches to reduce
HIV transmission among drug users,especially
IDUs, and their sex partners
3) Scaled up risk reduction approaches to reduce HIV transmission among drug users, especially IDUs, and their regular sex partners and
4) Efficient project management
UNODC, AUSAID ,   (2012 )
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 UNODC : Drugs and Crime
14.04.01  -  Narcotic Drugs
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