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Introduction Of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) In Nepal: A Public Health Milestone For Polio Free Nepal
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The documents describes the process leading to the introduction of IPV in Nepal. Introduction of a new vaccine into a country consists of numerous steps and support/endorsement from multiple stakeholders at the policy level. In addition to lessons from previous introductions, Nepal utilized a policy framework development by Orin, et al. (2010) which is based on the existing set of WHO guildelines for new vaccine introduction and the experience with acceleration the introduction of Hib, pneumococcal and rota virus vaccine. The Proposed framework is based on observations of the process and drivers of new vaccine adopation in GAVI-eligible countries such as Nepal. The following diagram illustrate the process:
Steps 1. Establish & organize evidence
Steps 2. Create support national policies
Step 3. Translate policies into local action
WHO, UNICEF, GoN ,   (2015 )
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Progress Report in English
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 UNICEF : Children Fund
10.03.01  -  Disease Prevention And Control
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