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Research promotion and development is a function of the WHO's constitution. The vital role of research in health development has been recognized by WHO since its inception. WHO/SEARO's role in health research is basically to (a) strengthen national research capabilities (b) promote and coordinate research on regional priority problems related to social and economic development and not adequately covered by national and other efforts, and (c) promote research design to facilitate rapid application of existing and emerging scientific knowledge.
To achieve the above objectives, a battery of mechanisms has been used in which WHO/SEARO plays a promotive, facilitative, catalytic and coordinating role. WHO does not itself undertake health research but promotes and facilitates the conduct of health research by countries and coordinate regional collaborative research efforts in accordance with the health research objectives and strategies. The success is directly related to the cooperative and receptive nature of the receiving end as well. This subsequently depends on the catalytic effect of the mechanisms applied which is always attuned and adjusted to different scenarios.
WHO ,   (1996 )
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