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Landscape Level Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal's Western Terai Complex
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The project is designed to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the western part of Nepal’s Terai Arc Landscape by establishing effective management systems and building capacity for the conservation and sustainable use of the Western Terai landscape complex (WTLC). The project strategy is based on the premise that the long term viability of globally significant biodiversity hinges on the ability to manage an overall system of habitats in a wide ecological landscape that goes beyond the confines of protected areas. Protected areas remain critical elements in biodiversity management. Therefore, project interventions will strengthen fledgling protected area management systems towards scientific and participatory approaches to improve conservation efforts and effectively address root causes of threats to biodiversity conservation.
The project’s landscape approach will reorient Nepal’s policy and legal framework and institutional arrangements towards integrated ecosystem management to achieve the multiple objectives of conservation, sustainable natural resource management, and poverty alleviation. Ultimately, the project aims to develop replicable landscape-level management models to safeguard the biological wealth and vital ecological functions in Nepal. With reference to the GEF’s newly established Strategic Priorities, the project design is consistent with the objective of Strategic Priority II, i.e. Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Production landscapes and Sectors.
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