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FAO In The 2015 Humanitarian Appeals: Enhancing Food Security and Resilient Livelihoods
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The idea of losing one’s assets to a flood or conflict, or enduring hunger day after day is an unlikely prospect for most readers of this document. In the event that a disaster strikes, there is a cupboard full of canned goods to tide us over and an insurance settlement with which to rebuild. For one-third of the world’s population, however, disaster can instantly destroy a family’s home, a lifetime of accumulated assets, and any means with which to restore their livelihoods. As we present this appeal in early 2015, hazards and crises threaten 2.5 billion people whose livelihoods depend on agriculture. The number of acute humanitarian emergencies has increased tremendously. In the past year alone, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has responded to system-wide Level 3 emergencies in the Central African Republic, Iraq, the Philippines, South Sudan and Syria, and supported the response to Ebola in West Africa.FAO plays a unique role in responding to these crises. From day one of a humanitarian emergency, we start to protect and restore the livelihoods of affected farmers, fishers, herders and foresters. The immediate provision of feed saves livestock from starvation at a fraction of their replacement cost. Seed assistance restores the self-sufficiency and dignity of vulnerable farming families, reducing the need for food assistance. By integrating relief and development activities, FAO’s resilience building efforts save livelihoods while helping communities lay the foundations for their own long-term recovery.
FAO ,   (2015 )
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