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2012 was a year of recognizing results for children. As the Millennium Development Goals deadline approaches, we have cause to celebrate declining poverty rates, the near eradication of polio, increased immunizations, more girls attending school,improved access to clean water and nutrition, and more children surviving and thriving beyond their fifth birthdays than ever before.But results are no excuse for rest. Too many children continue to struggle, clinging to the lowest rungs of the development ladder:a boy missing out on a vaccination because he lives in a remote, hard-to-reach community; a girl denied her rightful place in the classroom; parents trapped in conflict zones, desperate for food, water and medicine for their children; and millions of children socially excluded because of their gender or ethnicity, or because they have a disability.These children must be reached. In 2012, we set out to reach more of them by targeting our programmes all the more on these children, streamlining our operations and harnessing innovations in order to deliver greater, more cost-effective results.Humanitarian emergencies continued to dominate headlines – and much of our organization’s attention. In all, UNICEF and its partners responded to 286 humanitarian situations in 79 countries. For example, we provided almost 19 million people with access to clean water, and in the Sahel, treated more than 920,000 children under the age of five who were suffering from severe acute malnutrition.
UNICEF ,   (2012 )
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