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Globalization And Sustainable Human Developmnt: Progress And Challenges For Malawi
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This case study of Malawi examines the relationship between globalization and sustainable
human development before drawing appropriate policy lessons and recommendations. In this
connection, the study evaluates structural reform and liberalization policies that Malawi has adopted for opening up the economy, as well as recent macroeconomic and sectoral performance. The study also assesses the extent of Malawis integration into the world economy through trade, investment and financial flows. The integration of Malawi into global structures is not new. It began with colonialism just before the turn of this century. After independence, this relationship continued under various voluntary arrangements, such as the Lomé Convention. More recently, liberalization
of the external sector under structural adjustment programmes became the major means of
integrating the Malawian economy into the global economy. Other mechanisms of integration are bilateral trade agreements, regional arrangements and multilateral agreements under the World Trade Organization (WTO). Malawi is one of the first developing countries to have adopted a Structural Adjustment Programme supported by the Bretton Woods institutions. Under this programme, agricultural and manufacturing sectors as well as trade and capital flows were liberalized.
UNCTAD, UNDP ,   (2015 )
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
02.04.00  -  Development
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