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WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health Special issue: Universal Health Coverage In The South-East Asia Region
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This special issue of the WHO South-East Asia Journal of Public Health brings together technical discussions, original research and country experiences in addressing some of the key challenges to universal health coverage (UHC).These papers have been commissioned or selected to strengthen evidence for policy in support of national UHC efforts,building on the work of the Regional Strategy for Universal Health Coverage. Member States of the South-East Asia Region have made significant contributions to the conceptual debate on UHC, as well as to its realization for population health. Member States have conceptualized UHC as both a means and an end for health: a means to improve health status by strengthening the three dimensions of UHC – population coverage, service delivery and financial protection; and, by applying the overarching principle of equity in policy decisions related to these dimensions, UHC may be considered an end in itself.

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WHO ,   (2014 )
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