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WFP Nepal Earthquake Situation Report # 24 ( 15 September 2015)
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1. Moving into the Final Phase of the Earthquake Emergency Response:
After reaching 100 percent of planned recipients in phase two of the earthquake response, WFP has now begun food distributions for the third and final phase of its emergency response. This early recovery phase will last until December, serving 409,000 people with food and cash support in exchange for work on the rehabilitation of community assets. WFP food and cash distributions will be active in the districts of Dhading, Dolakha, Gorkha, Kavre, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok.
2. Reduction in the Number of Food Insecure People:
Results from a Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NeKSAP) on post-earthquake food security in affected areas found a three-fold reduction in people in need of immediate food assistance. This was due in no small part to post-quake food assistance, as well as ensuring that those affected maintained access to functioning markets. The study has extensively informed WFP’s planning for the third phase of its emergency operation.
3. Beyond the Emergency Response:
WFP’s protracted relief and recovery operation (PRRO), which will begin in January 2016, will ensure continuity in serving earthquake-affected people still in need of assistance, focusing on food security and livelihoods. Aiming to reach 381,000 people, the PRRO has also extensively utilised NeKSAP data in its planning.
4. Remote Access Operations Prepares for Winter:
WFP’s Remote Access Operations (RAO), delivering humanitarian supplies to isolated
earthquake-affected communities using porters and mules, this week committed to
transporting over 1,000 mt of humanitarian cargo, including much-needed shelter material
and food in preparation for the harsh winter season. This commitment will result in the
employment of over 18,000 people to carry out porterage and trail rehabilitation. RAO will be allotting over USD 1 million in wages, ultimately boosting the local markets.
5. Funding for WFP Earthquake Response:
WFP has received contributions from its private sector donors, multilateral donors, Australia, Canada, Denmark, European Union, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and UN CERF.
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