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In South Asia, Nepal was the first country to allow non-governmental groups to broadcast on the FM band when Radio Sagarmatha went on air in 1996 in Kathmandu Valley. Since then, over 58 other FM stations have gone on air, of which over 18 are community FM stations. Both commercial and community FM stations complement each other to give Nepal’s pluralism and diversity a voice with listenership active participation. After restoration of democracy in 1990, the role of FM stations has been significant in reaching out to grassroots level, disseminating locally relevant information, strengthening local culture, empowering local communities and strengthening the participatory character of development.
The TV network in Nepal is not as remarkable as radio. The first state-run Nepal television was launched only in 1985, with emergence of satellite. There are currently over 6 main TV networks, and a majority of the TV programmes are broadcast in Nepalese. The locally broadcast television programmes are often not available as with the FM stations that cover extensively local issues. In Tansen, the local community TV has been broadcasting local programmes since 1990’s. It is the first one in South Asia; its programmes cover local news, current events and address the cultural and education programme. It reaches a population of over 30 000 in Tansen town and the neighbouring areas of Palpa District in Western Nepal. Since 3 1⁄2 years, this Tansen community TV has developed into community multimedia centre to carry additional services and facilities to community people, apart from imparting local knowledge and information.
With the success of CMC model in Tansen and for that matter in Nepal, the demand from the neighbouring villages has tremendously increased, not only to address the development issues and disseminate knowledge, but also to build the skills and capacity of ICTs. This model helps create media literacy with the community’s participation. With many years of experience in this field and available human resources, CMC Tansen wants to replicate the same model in the entire Palpa Districts to the benefit of marginalised and disadvantaged community groups. The proposed solution is to build on existing infrastructure by adding video services and ICT training through mobile units to areas that cannot be accessed by existing cable networks, to train community workers in local content production, exchange and dissemination and provide community access to information.
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